Dead simple. cheap. blockchain data. For a fixed monthly fee.

Don't settle for expensive & rigid Web3 data APIs.
Rent your own Web3 database for 10X less.

Your dedicated database, your way. NO data limit.

Most Web3 data providers hide behind rate limited, difficult to understand pricing, and they are not designed for bulk data access.
We offer blockchain data in one dedicated Postgres instance to YOU for a flat fee.
You can't get any simpler than this.

Complete, structured, decoded blockchain transactions and traces.

Full, complete, decoded, structured transactions and yes, traces! We cleaned, decoded, and organized all the blockchain data, so you can skip months of your own custom blockchain ETL pipeline.

  • Raw/decoded transaction and traces.
  • Erc-20, NFT transactions.
  • Prices, labels, metadata.

Live-streamed, real time, re-org aware, crypto data.

Steady pulse of data, live updated to your dedicated instance

  • New blocks indexed within seconds of validation.
  • Native support for re-orgs.
    Live-synced with latest actions on-chain.

Your dedicated Postgres db, build any data-intensive crypto app with NO LIMIT.

No limit, we mean it. Access your blockchain data however, and how-much ever you want. Our infrastructure is tailored for large volume data access pattern.

Your Web3 ML, GPT-4, AI, App, API, Supercharged⚡️.

Build and connect any application, machine learning workflow, large language model, on top of our blockchain database in a dedicated infrastructure only to you.

  • Unlimited query to power your machine learning data pipeline.
    Unlimited blockchain data access to train your LLM/GPT-4.
    Power your own Web3 knowledge graph and search engine.
    Integrate with your own integrated BI & Analytics.
  • Build your own custom RESTful/GraphQL API.

Supported Chains